June is National Safety Month!

This week’s topic is emergency preparedness. Stuff happens, being ready for it can make all the difference when it does.
Hey, wait… That sounds a lot like insurance. ūüėČ
Having a stocked First Aid Kit, knowing CPR, and knowing how to get help can literally save lives.
What to know more? Check out these resources from the National Safety Counsel.
First Aid Kits- http://www.safetyandhealthmagazine.com/articles/common-items-for-first-aid-kits-2
Be Well. – Rose
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Marriage? Birth? Death? Divorce?

Sometimes life changes are so sudden, or so big that you don’t even know where to start. ¬†Luckily, you don’t need to sweat the big stuff as long as you start the process quickly.

Most major life changes trigger a Special Enrollment Period, and it is not hard to report them. ¬†The trick is you need to start the process as soon as you can so that you don’t miss your window, or deadlines for coverage.

60 days РHow long you have to report a life change.  If you know something is coming up you can even report your change before it happens.  If, for example, you know your divorce will go through on July 16th, and your coverage will end on July 31st, you can apply before July 15th and have no gap in coverage.  The same thing applies to job changes.

The 15th of the month – The last day to apply for coverage starting the next month. ¬†For example, if you apply on May 15th your new plan can begin on June 1, but if you apply on May 20th you plan won’t begin until at least July 1.

90 days – The maximum amount of time you can go without coverage and get a waiver of the individual mandate penalty. “Rats, I missed the 15th now I am gonna get stuck paying the penalty.” ¬†Not necessarily, sometimes we can’t anticipate these life changes, and with the deadlines to apply, sometimes you just end up with a gap. ¬†There is a grace period written into the law to let people who got laid-off on the 27th to get their coverage squared away without having to pay the penalty. ¬†You will still want to take care of business as soon as possible to make sure your coverage gap isn’t too long, or you miss your window on your Special Enrollment Period.

Think you had a life change.  Reach out to us today.

2016 Individual Open Enrollment Starts 11-1-2015!

Open Enrollment… Tell me more about that…

Just about everyone with a Health Insurance Policy has an Open Enrollment Period. It is your chance each year to update your policy, check your coverage, and shop and apply for a new plan.

Individual Open Enrollment takes place in late fall early winter.  The dates this year are November 1 2015 thru January 15 2016.

This is when anyone with and individual plan will want to review their coverage and double check all their information.

Plans and pricing change every year, so you want to be sure you have the right coverage.  Especially since one of our local Carriers increased their rates significantly for 2016.

Please note… ¬†If you want your policy changes to take effect on January 1 2016, you need to submit your application by December 15th.

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