Big Business Service for Small Businesses

Benefits Check-up

This is the insurance version of your annual trip to the doctors office but without the needles.

We sit down with business owners and ask them to talk about themselves.

  • What are their needs and goals?
  • What do they already have to help them meet those needs?
  • Are there holes where their needs aren’t being met?

This meeting is all about helping our client explore their situation, and usually takes only about 10-20 minutes.


Custom Multi-Carrier Quotes

After we understand your businesses goals, we go back to the office to work on your customized quote.

This can take a bit of time because we run quotes with at least four major carriers, and sometimes as many as six, to select the best options for you based on your needs from the 100’s of plans available.  Carriers we quote include CareFirst, Anthem, Aetna, United HealthCare, Kaiser Permanente, Evergreen, and Coventry.

Once we have narrowed down the list based on your business’ goals we email you an easy to understand, apples to apples comparison and evaluation of the plans.


Business Owner’s Proposal Meeting

Yikes… Ok, so we got your email… but what does all this mean?

We understand just how valuable your time is but we also know how confusing insurance can be for even the most skilled spreadsheet ninja.  We like to sit down, for about 25 minutes, with you and go over everything in your proposal, including costs and potential tax savings so that the decision makers want to know exactly what they are signing up to do, and how it will effect their company. 

This meeting is usually about 25 minutes, and can easily be done over the phone if you prefer.


Employee Education Meeting

No one likes staff meetings.  Well, except maybe if there is food…

We bring the treats, and help your staff understand how they can partner with you to protect themselves and their families.  The staff leaves knowing that their employer cares about them, understanding their options, and empowered to protect themselves.  This meeting can be easily piggy-backed onto a routine staff meeting, to save both time and hassle.  It usually takes about 15-20 minutes, plus time for questions and answers.

One-on-One Meetings

We sit down with each interested employee to custom tailor solutions to their needs.  Because we know insurance is personal, we want to be sure each person has their needs met at their budget, and feels safe asking questions.

  • Maybe they are planning to have a baby.
  • Maybe they have a history of cancer or heart problems in their family.
  • Maybe they have an active lifestyle or an accident-prone child.
  • Maybe they want to be sure they have provided for their family after they are gone.

We know time is money so we try to keep these meetings brief, sometimes as little as 10 minutes.  However, if we encounter an employee with a particularly complicated situation it may take as long as an hour to address their needs.

Sometimes employers will ask us to take care of minor routine HR tasks while we are meeting with the employees.  We are happy to help, at no fee to the employer, provided we have had notice and clearly understand the request.

Business Owner’s Wrap-up Meeting

After the One-on-One meetings are held, the business owner, or the person they designate, is provided with all the paperwork to establish a legal Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, as well as the information they need to begin withholding.  We also take time to answer any other questions that may have arisen during the process.

Creative businesswomen discussing over papers stuck on wall in office